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Yearly: 2014


New Product: RWC CSA/Cement

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Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Cement CSA/Cement, or Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Cement, is a base of CSA clinker and also known as CSA Binder grinded with proportioned Anhydrite and hydraulic cementitious mineral blend high in C4A3S (Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Crystals) yield in a very early and strong cementitious matrix.

RWC CSA Cement has 60% More strength in1 day that any other USA produce


New Product: Calcium Aluminate Cement

RWC 40, Calcium Aluminates Cement Are cements consisting predominantly of hydraulic calcium aluminate rather than
The calcium silicate basis of the regular Portland Cement. Alternative names are “Aluminous Cement”, “High Alumina Cement” & other names used in France reflecting the Melting production process of its Clinker. RWC 40 Calcium Aluminate Cement is also produced By melting its clinker in one of the latest technologies.