Carbon Upcycling & A3&Co partner to accelerate cement decarbonisation and circularity

Carbon Upcycling signed a strategic partnership with A3&Co. to support the engineering and project delivery of Carbon Upcycling’s technology in the global cement and concrete industry. The partnership sets the foundation for Carbon Upcycling and A3&Co. to pave the future of low-carbon concrete and the development of a circular economy.

The partnership comes at a critical moment as Carbon Upcycling continues to expand operations in Canada and into US and European markets. Over the next two years, Carbon Upcycling will be delivering the world’s first SCM enhancement reactor that directly bolts onto existing cement operations. The technology enables decarbonisation by capturing operational emissions from cement production while reducing clinker content to lower the embodied carbon of cement. A3&Co.’s proven track record and industry expertise will assist in both the acceleration and quality of project delivery.

Apoorv Sinha, Carbon Upcycling CEO commented: “We look forward to collaborating with A3&Co. Their extensive experience working with over 125 facilities across the globe will prove invaluable as we continue to adapt our technology for seamless integration at cement plants, enabling on-site sequestration and utilisation of CO2.

This partnership marks our joint endeavour to provide industry with a clear-cut path to decarbonisation, while furthering our mission to be the most impactful carbon tech company of this decade.”

Eng. Amr A. Nader, A3&Co. CEO commented: “The road to green construction starts with green cement and green concrete and SCMs plays a key role into that adding a crucial circular dimension to the sustainability of the built environment, our strategic collaboration with CUT inspires to produce green retrofit to make SCM an integral part of the cement plant operations and improve the global value addition of the sector in addition to drastically reducing the carbon footprint of cement and concrete.”

With several projects to be announced across North America and Europe, this agreement is the latest in a series of partnerships by Carbon Upcycling to reduce the carbon impact of the cement and concrete industry.