CBMI, Gebr. Pfeiffer Forge Strong Alliance

CBMI Construction Co. and Gebr. Pfeiffer, two companies renowned in the cement industry, entered into a cooperation agreement to offer efficient plants for combined grinding and calcination of clay.

Through the partnership, complete solutions for grinding and calcination are offered worldwide from a single source. CBMI Construction acts as an experienced general contractor for these integrated production lines providing the pyro-process technology, while Gebr. Pfeiffer acts as the specialist for highly efficient drying and grinding technology.

Calcined clay offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to cement clinker as a reactive binder component, which is why this substitute is increasingly coming into the focus of cement producers as a way to reduce CO2 emissions.

The potential for saving CO2 emissions within the cement plant is tremendous. While cement clinker must be burned in a very energy-intensive process at temperatures of more than 1,400°C, suitable clay is activated at only 800 to ‍900°C.

In addition – and this is the far greater savings potential – the limestone used to produce cement clinker releases large amounts of CO2 during the conversion process through a chemical reaction. That can be completely avoided by the portion of calcined clay employed to replace clinker, noted the partners.

CBMI Construction and Gebr. Pfeiffer “are delighted that this alliance once again confirms the long-standing cooperation, which has already produced numerous successful projects in the cement industry,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Customers interested in an integrated production line for calcined clay can contact either company.