Cementos Avellaneda to build wind farm for Olavarría cement plant

Cementos Avellaneda has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with energy provider YPF Luz for the construction of a new wind farm. Local press has reported that the planned plant will have a capacity of 63MW and be situated in Olavarría, Buenos Aires Province. There, it will supply 100% of the energy used in cement production at Cementos Avellaneda’s Olavarría cement plant. The cement producer will transmit any surplus energy from the wind farm to its San Luis plant at La Calera, with the longer-term aim of becoming Argentina’s first 100% renewably-powered cement company.

The partners will carry out technical and economic feasibility studies in mid-2023, and publish plans and budget before the end of the year.