Cemex Poland launches BIM tools to help architects and engineers choose innovative and more sustainable solutions

Cemex Poland launches BIM tools to help architects and engineers choose innovative and more sustainable solutions

Cemex, a leading producer of cement, concrete and aggregates, has developed a series of unique Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions for designing and managing construction projects in Poland. These digital tools support customers by identifying the best Cemex products and solutions and enables the selection of the most innovative, cost-efficient as well as sustainable choice.

For customers that use Cemex cement products, a recent development in Cemex’s BIM platform will make it easy to access a library of precast products made from sustainable Vertua cements. The customers’ product details, technical specifications, CO2 emissions and other supporting data required for the design of structures can be found in a single Cemex BIM library.

The BIM (Building Information Modelling) tools that Cemex in Poland offers are designed for architects, engineers, contractors and construction professionals working on the development of residential, commercial, industrial as well as infrastructure projects.

The developed plug-in and calculators for Autodesk Revit, a popular BIM software, are also available in OpenBIM format, and significantly facilitate the planning process, as well as the visualisation of the entire construction project, considering the principles of more sustainable construction and identifying optimal product solutions for planned or ongoing investments.

The digitalization of construction is vital if we are to continue supporting our customers with their projects and helping them choose more sustainable solutions. BIM technology surpasses traditional design and construction methods, facilitating planning, as well as optimisation of the construction project. Thus, it provides significant time savings and reduces the amount of paper documentation, and more importantly Cemex is offering a way to assess the best solutions to achieve a sustainable construction. It also means convenience – all necessary project information is available in one place,” says Bartlomiej Wyrostkiewicz, Sales Director – Cement Commercial – Poland, leader of the “BIM for Prefabrication” project at Cemex Poland.

Thanks to the BIM tools offered by Cemex, those involved in the design, planning and execution of construction projects will gain the ability to quickly compare and consciously select products, taking into account their environmental impact. Through libraries in Cemex Plug-in, our partners’ products will be visible to BIM users, he adds. We are currently in the final testing and market consultation phase of this innovative solution and planning a pilot implementation of BIM solutions for Cemex prefabrication.”

The introduction of BIM tools, fostering more informed choices for more sustainable building solutions, is the latest example of Cemex driving value for its customers through its global Future in Action strategy. This aims to combat climate change, targeting a net zero operation by 2050.