Cem'In'Eu launches FUSIOCIM 43% reduced-CO2 cement

Cem’In’Eu launches FUSIOCIM 43% reduced-CO2 cement

Cem’In’Eu has launched FUSIOCIM, a CEM II/C pozzolan cement, that offers a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions compared with ordinary Portland cement (OPC). FUSIOCIM has specific CO2 emissions of 506kg/t. It is suitable for various concrete applications and comes in 25kg bags.

Cem’In’Eu general manager Fabien Charbonnel said “We created Cem’In’Eu with the ambition of reducing the carbon footprint of the cement industry. And we are proving it today with a low-carbon offer that easily replaces traditional cements, without any change for construction professionals. We are convinced that this transition can only be done with pragmatism and taking into account the needs of users.”