Ecocem launches low-carbon ACT cement range

Ecocem launches low-carbon ACT cement range

Ecocem has launched a new low-carbon advanced cement technology (ACT) cement, aiming for widespread adoption in European construction projects. The ACT range promises a clinker concentration of 20%, lower than the current norm of 35%.

Ecocem France director Jean-Christophe Tassard said “We achieve competitive rates by controlling granularity, the fineness of grinding and mixtures. We have also greatly developed our thinking on the addition of additives in our formulations, which required more than fifteen years of R&D and the filing of six patents.”

This product contains locally sourced additives, with the capability to adapt mixes to regional availability. The ACT cement is expected to reduce water usage by one-third compared to conventional concrete. An ACT-based concrete reportedly emits 198kg CO₂/t, a substantial reduction from the 614kg CO₂/t for standard concrete.

Gaining market entry for ACT required European technical evaluation and European assessment document certification, currently pending in the EU Official Journal. Tassard added, “As we are dealing with clinker rates above the standards, we had to go through this certification, which gives us a very good passport for the European markets. However, local administrative variations will have to be carried out subsequently.”

In France, Ecocem has already applied for ATEX certification to facilitate deployment of the ACT range, expected later in 2024. Ecocem aims to include the ACT range in standard norms by 2026.