Golden Bay Cement secures bottom ash supply

Golden Bay Cement has signed a deal with Genesis Energy for a supply of bottom ash from Huntly power plant for use in cement production at its Portland cement plant in Northland. Genesis Energy generates 20,000t/yr of bottom ash at the Huntly plant, situated in Waikato, 260km south of the Portland cement plant. The plant currently uses 15,000t/yr of fly ash from the Huntly power plant in its operations. The producer was previously investigating the use of volcanic ash in cement production in 2022. It currently uses waste tyres and wood waste as alternative fuels (AF) to produce its EcoSure low-carbon general-purpose cement.

Golden Bay Cement’s general manager Gian Raffainer said “We are driven to decarbonise and achieve 30% less carbon by 2030. Contributing to waste reduction at a large scale for the benefit of all New Zealanders is incredibly exciting. It is a win-win for the environment and for Kiwis who want to use more environmentally friendly products.”