Heidelberg Materials to install 70,000t/yr carbon capture system at Lengfurt cement plant

Heidelberg Materials has appointed industrial gases and engineering company Linde to install a carbon capture and liquefaction plant at its 1Mt/yr Lengfurt, Bavaria, cement plant. The project is scheduled for delivery in 2025. When commissioned, the system will capture and liquefy 70,000t/yr of CO2. Heidelberg Materials plans to use a small part of the liquefied CO2 in its development of recarbonation technologies for cement and concrete, with the remainder to be marketed by Linde to industries, including chemicals and food. The German government granted Euro15m in funding for the project under its Decarbonisation of Industry programme.

Heidelberg Materials’ chief executive officer Dominik von Achten said “We are pleased to be able to implement the world’s first carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) project in the cement industry on an industrial scale.”

Linde’s executive vice president Jürgen Nowicki said “With this joint venture, two companies that are world leaders in their field are combining their skills with the aim of finding a solution that is as sustainable as it is economical. After successful pilot applications, this large-scale plant paves the way for sustainable cement production.”