Hoffmann Green signs a partnership to distribute its low-carbon cements

Hoffmann Green signs a partnership to distribute its low-carbon cements

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, an industrial player committed to the decarbonisation of the construction sector, designing and marketing clinker-free cements, has announced the signing of a partnership. The company is to sell its clinker-free low-carbon cements targeting the BtoC market through the retail network of Bricomarché, Bricorama, Brico Cash and Tridôme (part of Les Mousquetaires Group).

Through this agreement, the four DIY chains of Les Mousquetaires group, Bricomarché, Bricorama Brico Cash and Tridôme, are pursuing their commitment to a global and ambitious CSR strategy: “to develop a more responsible business committed to local communities, and to accompany their customers’ home improvement projects while preserving the planet’s resources.” With 600 distribution stores throughout France, these brands become the first national network to distribute clinker-free, low-carbon cement.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies will provide these stores with its PRO CEMENT (H-UKR) and H-IONA clinker-free low-carbon cements, packaged in 25 Kg bags, to address for the first time, the significant market of private individuals.

H-UKR is a cement with 0% clinker and low energy consumption; manufactured cold using industrial by-products and activators from the chemical industry, it has a carbon footprint 3.5 times smaller than traditional Portland cement (CEM 1).

H-IONA cement is suitable for all construction applications. It is the first cement in the Hoffmann range to be CE marked, and divides CO2 emissions by five compared to traditional Portland cement (CEM 1).

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say: “We are particularly proud of this partnership with the Bricomarché, Bricorama Brico Cash and Tridôme stores, which represents Hoffmann Green’s first major access to the BtoC market. Marketing our clinker-free decarbonised cements to private customers is in line with our mission to offer innovative, sustainable solutions that are accessible to all, with the aim of decarbonising the construction sector. The nationwide coverage and customer diversity of our partner retailers should enable us to significantly increase awareness and demand for our cements in a booming market”.

Pascal Prugneau, Vice President of ITM Home Equipment, adds: “This partnership with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies is perfectly coherent with the development of our CSR strategy, in order to support the customers of our DIY stores towards solutions with a low carbon footprint. The marketing of their innovative, sustainable solutions across our entire network in France positions us as the first national player to distribute clinker-free, low-carbon cement”.