Holcim Philippines’ sales fall slightly in 2022

Holcim Philippines recorded sales of US$490m during 2022, down by 1% year-on-year from US$499m. Sales rose by 9% year-on-year to US$266m during the second half of the year, 53% of the full-year figure. Throughout the year, the producer increased its alternative fuel (AF) substitution rate by 20% year-on-year and processed 1Mt of waste from industrial partners and local government bodies. Digitisation initiatives and alternative raw materials substitution helped the producer to reduce its specific CO2 emissions by 7%. The Business Mirror newspaper has reported that the year also brought ‘surging’ energy and fuel costs for the producer.

President and CEO Horia Adrian said “In the face of extraordinary challenges, our company and people displayed tremendous resilience that enabled us to deliver positive financial performance and contribute to building progress in the country. Alongside a strong sales rebound in the second half and expansion of our customer base, we accelerated the decarbonisation of our operations.”