Local government advises against Secil Arrábida quarry expansion

Setúbal District Council has submitted its opinion in the on-going consultation process over Secil’s plans to expand its Arrábida quarry in Arrábida National Park. The quarry serves Secil’s Outão cement plant. The Jornal de Negócios newspaper has reported that Secil has applied to expand the quarry up to a total area of 117 hectares, and says that the newly expanded quarry would have less impact on the landscape and environment than it currently does.

Setúbal District Council acknowledged Secil’s ‘clear effort’ in its rehabilitation of exhausted sections of the Arrábida quarry, as well as the company’s importance to the regional and national economy. Nonetheless, it concluded that the proposed expansion ‘is not compatible with the territorial management instruments in force, which are currently under revision.’