Votorantim Cimentos España launches biodiversity management plan at Alconera cement plant

Votorantim Cimentos España’s has begun its implementation of a biodiversity management plan at its Alconera, Extremadura, cement plant in collaboration with sustainability charity Fundación Tormes-EB, local press has reported. The plan will analyse existing and potential habitats across square areas of the entire site of the 1.6Mt/yr plant. Votorantim Cimentos España and Fundación Tormes-EB have previously collaborated on biodiversity projects at two other sites in neighbouring Andalusia since 2017.

Votorantim Cimentos España’s director of sustainability Mario Pinto said “We consider it strategic to implement biodiversity management plans in our facilities because it means guaranteeing the conservation, improvement and enhancement of the natural wealth of industrial land, and confirms the compatibility of cement production with the protection of the natural environment and local ecosystems.”

The subsidiary of Brazil-based Votorantim Cimentos gained control of the Alconera cement plant upon its acquisition of Cementos Balboa in late 2021.