The World's White Cement

The Quickest Cement

The Quickest Cement is an all-purpose fast setting cement. It may be used for many different applications by just changing the amount and type of aggregate used. Whether it is a concrete mix, mortar, stucco or fast setting multipurpose grout. The Quickest Cement can do it all.

How does it work?

RWC QUICKEST CEMENT uses proprietary Calcium Sulfoaluminate Technology. The unique combination of raw materials, additives and know-how, results in the only product in the market with these qualities:

  • Multipurpose, may be used to make a variety of products such as:
    • Concrete
    • Mortar
    • Stucco
    • Patching materials
    • All-purpose grouts
  • Already Formulated, add aggregates only
  • Non-Shrink
  • Fast Setting
  • Very High Early Strength
  • Durable
  • Easy To Mix
  • Add water only to the finished product.