The Royal White Cement Sustainability Report covers our social, safety and environmental policies in 2022 and objectives for 2023.

Royal White Cement has been valued as a one of the leading players in the cement and construction materials sector within the United States for the last 23 years.

The success we attained in our operations, originates from principles of being a dependable business partner for our customers and communities In correlation with the Building Materials Industry.

We strive to be the building stone for communities and an essential part of future's infrastructure.

In order to effectively strive for a brighter future, we trust in our corporate values, conscientious management and continuous modernizations that are set forth with the goal of sustainability.

Operating within a sector with a considerable influence, sustainability is a key factor in our corporate strategies. Royal White Cement's main objective is to generate value with a business model that provides consumers with exceptional service and product, while operating in agreement with the environment.

For this intention, in decision making practices regarding our partnerships, products and services, social and environmental expectations are proportionately fundamental to our fiscal performance.

We have set short-term and long-term objectives to lessen the carbon emissions of our operations as a whole. This incorporates decreasing emissions from our operations, as well as the energy expended in running them.

We have made strides to partner with corporations that share our vision in line
with ours for a brighter future.





At Royal White Cement, sustainability is measured as an opportunity to generate value in gradually competitive and everchanging economic, eco-friendly, and communal space.

This is aided by anticipating and managing the current and future risk and prospects in advance.

The utilization of resources associated with our industry operate within a circular economy that necessitates
impactful changes that are obligatory to longevity and sustainability.

Thus Royal White Cement's operational objectives are to: 

  • Reduce waste generation
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Reduce raw material consumption
  • Recycle waste
  • Reduce energy consumption

Royal White Cement evaluates its risks emerging from climate change by approaching it as a multifaceted

Royal White Cement will continue to monitor the effects of global procedures and programs and appropriately put into effect the necessitated actions.

This has not only molded its way into the method Royal White Cement conducts its operations, but rather urged Royal White Cement to be at the forefront of transformations.

In terms of short-term objectives, Royal White Cement has planned the following actions in the first quarters of 2022 to reduce emissions and energy consumption in its largest terminals across the United States:

  • Switching to clean sustainable energy providers
  •  Scheduling out forklift fleets to electric based


Royal White Cement understands its responsibility in Human Rights and Labor Practices.

The corporate responsibility to respect human rights, including labor rights and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

This includes, but is not limited to, ethical and lawful practices concerning discrimination, workplace health and safety, freedom of association, collective bargaining, child labor, human trafficking, forced or compulsory labor, and indigenous

We are committed to conduct our business activities based on respecting the
following human and labor rights: 

  • Non-discrimination, anti-harassment, Diversity and equal opportunities: Ensure no discrimination in hiring and employment practices with regards to race, religion, sex, age, physical ability, political opinion, social or ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
  • No harassment: Provide a workplace that is free from any form of harassment, including verbal, physical, mental and visual harassment.
  • Freedom of association: Respect employees’ rights to freely associate, organize and bargain collectively in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Workplace health and safety: Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for every employee, on-site contractor and service provider.
  • No forced or child labor: Not tolerate any form of forced or child labor.
  • Fair employment practices: Comply with applicable laws and industry norms on employees pay, work hours and conditions. Provide fair and competitive compensation commensurate with the employees’ position.
  • Human rights and labor due diligence: Ensure full respect of human and labor rights in all company activities by performing due diligence assessments when necessary and defining corrective actions based upon the findings.
  • Working Hours: We abide by all local working hour laws including local statutory limits on weekly hours worked. All overtime and/or statutory holiday hours are administered fairly, recorded accurately, paid correctly and compliant with applicable employment standards legislation for the purposes of overtime pay.
  • Voluntary employment: We do not use forced or compulsory labor. All employment is voluntary.
  • Personal and professional development: Foster personal and professional development and encourage employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities.
  • Open dialogue and resolving concerns: Encourage employees to take their concerns up directly with management and create an environment where open dialogue is the preferred way of resolving issues.